Hi there! My name is Andy Hughes, and I’m a mobile caravan service engineer.


Your travel plans deserve to go off without a hitch.

So, the little ones are safely tucked into their seats. You’ve packed away enough tins of treats for an army. You’ve loaded up your glovebox with your spouse’s favourite CDs (even though they make your teeth hurt). And you’re all set to go for your annual family trip to the coast.

Everything is perfect until you arrive at the site, pitch up, hook up to the electric and nothing works. And suddenly everything is not so perfect after all.

That’s where I come in.

Before taking a trip, ring me and I’ll come to you. From an inspection of the water ingress to ensuring gas safety or from accessory installation to full caravan service, I can help make sure you and your caravan stay on course.

There’s nothing better than a road trip with the ones you love — except the road trip where you can relax en route, confident than on arrival everything will work out and you’ll all still be talking to each other.